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Missionary Baptist Church

"Worshipping in the Spirit of Excellence"
Jerry D. McAlister, Senior Pastor

1315 Prater Way
Sparks, NV 89431
Phone: 775-331-0330

New Jerusalem Leadership
Jerry D. McAlister Senior Pastor
Jeanette McAlister First Lady
Women's Ministry
Clifton Smith Associate Minister
Justin D. McAlister

Associate Minister
Minister of Music
Choir Director

Vincent Terry, Sr. Associate Minister
David Gamble Deacon Board
laNesha Battle Director of Christian Education
Vincent Terry, Jr
Acting Sunday Schhol Superintendent
Beverly Coleman Administrative Staff Manager
Trustee/Elder Board
Dorothy Johnson Trustee/Elder Board/Sr. Mission
Delores McAlister Trustee
Willie Coleman Altar Ministry/Elder Board
Alice Jackson Administrative Staff
Marilynn Howard Administrative Staff
Joe Reel Website Administrator
Mina Reel

Administrative Staff
Website Administration

Roni Schaffer Administrative Staff
Derinda Smith Pastor’s Choir
Lela Howard Senior Mission
Ida Bell Culinary Arts Coordinator
Patricia Terry Altar Team Ministry
Ken Howard Brothers In Christ Ministry
Nicole Howard Children's Church Director
Anjel Lee Beautification Coordinator

Mission Statement

"We provide a safe haven, teaching faith,
restoring hope and showing love through the power, guidance and aid of the Holy Spirit"

"Worshipping in the Spirit of Excellence"
Psalm 148:13-14